De beste kammen ter wereld

Een Chinese vriend van me bracht een cadeautje voor me mee uit China: een set van twee handgesneden houten kammen. In de mooie rode geschenkdoos zat een briefje van de fabriek. De tekst is zo typisch Chinees, dat ik hem hier integraal neerzet:

“A brief introduction to Changzhou combs and fine toothed combs

Changzhou Comb Factory Co. Ltd combs and fine toothed combs were major ornaments for hair dressing in ancient China, having a history of more than 1500 years, and the good name of Royal Combs has been enjoyed. They are made of natural materials with perfect craftsmanship and they are beautifully shaped as well. Combing hair with this kind of combs will ease your headache and sleeplessness, refresh your mind and will make you see and hear well, they are not only a daily necessity, but also a handicraft for appreciation.

The combs and fine toothed combs are well known at home and abroad. Since the beginning of the last century we have already won many gold and silver medals, such as the silver medal awarded by the Panama Peace Exhibition, the gold medal awarded by the world’s Fair in Philadelphia, the silver medal for high quality by the Light Industry Ministry, the National silver medal, the gold medal by the Second Beijing International Fair and the Price for the Ten Famous Products of Changzhou. Our “Longevity” combs are protected by patent. Our products are sold in South-East Asia, West Europe and Africa. We have a good reputation for our products. Our products are very popular at home and abroad.”

Als je nu nog niet overtuigd bent dat dit de beste kammen ter wereld zijn, weet ik het ook niet meer! In China ben ik vaker tegengekomen dat bedrijven zichzelf de hemel in prijzen. In Nederland wordt dat toch niet echt gewaardeerd. Ach, soms mogen we best wel wat trotser op onszelf zijn.

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